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Gary Miller for the APBA Board of Directors

The IOA's very own Gary Miller is currently running for a spot on the American Power Boat Association's Board of Directors. We encourage all that have a say, to vote for this worthy candidate so that one of our elite members will have a say in what goes on in our sport. Below is a short statement made by Gary on his views and what he can offer to better our sport.

Gary Miller

I believe that power boat racing will thrive by promoting driving schools and making competitive equipment readily available to new members. Acting on this belief, I have helped put together the rigs used in the Indiana Outboard Association’s driving school. These rigs are available for purchase by graduates of the driving school, and one of the rigs was sold to a driving school graduate following the IOA’s driving school this year. I believe that APBA must grow membership and participation by:

1) lowering memberships fees, especially for driving school graduates and other first-time members

2) providing more support to APBA’s clubs

3) lowering regatta insurance costs

4) controlling APBA’s operating costs

5) supporting APBA’s categories to ensure that each category has entry-level equipment readily available 6) promoting the APBA brand

7) providing more value to APBA members

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