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Join the IOA

Interested in joining the Indiana Outboard Association?  Joining is easy!!   Fill out the form below and you will be eligible to race at all of the upcoming races on our schedule.  Once you have filled out the form, go ahead and submit your payment.  By clicking on the "buy now" button, you have the ability to pay with paypal or credit card.  We will mail your club card to you.
 Don't want to pay online but already planning on attending one of our races?    Click on the PDF at the bottom of the page and print off a copy of the membership form.   You can either submit the form and payment at the race site or mail them both in to the address on the form.


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Racing Membership  ----------------   $30 per year



Junior/AX Membership --- ------------$5 per year



General Non-Racing Membership - $15 per year

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Liability Release

The undersigned applicant and/or owner, by signing this application, and in consideration of the registration of his/her name as an IOA, Inc member, and the registration of the motor and assignment of racing numbers for the current membership year. If applicable, does agree to assume all responsibility and liability for all his/her acts or activities. Including any and all acts and activities of his/her drivers, assistant and crew, and for any and all damage or injury that may be caused by any or all of them or by his boat, motor or other property or possessions. The said applicant and/or owner does hereby release the Indiana Outboard Association and any organization sponsoring or assisting in promoting or conducting a regatta or race sponsored by said association, together with their successors, assigns, officers, agents, assistants, representatives, employees and spectators attending said regatta or race from any and all liability, claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever which the applicant and/or owner may have or which may accrue in his favor against them or any or either of them in any way growing out of or resulting from said race or regatta or any part thereof, or in connection with any vessel, dock, float, barge, equipment or facility provided or used, whether or not same may be operated or controlled by then and whether arising while in preparation or practice previous to the race. While participating therein or subsequent thereto and the said applicant and/or owner assumes all risk of injury and damage it the person and property of him/her, and his/her assistants. Whether caused by the negligence or otherwise, and said applicant and/or owner agrees that no other agreement whether oral or written shall in anyway effect his/her release. Furthermore, said applicant and/or owner certifies to the truth of all statements made in the application, and agrees to abide by all rules and to accept as final all decisions of property authorized race officials.

Special Release For Minors

If applicant and/or owner is under 18 years of age, the parents or guardians must execute, in addition, this following waiver: The undersigned parents and/or guardians, for and in consideration of the acceptance of this application and/or assignments of racing number, and intending to be legally bound, do hereby agree to all provisions contained in the liability release and waive all rights and claims that might accrue through relationship to the above applicant and/or owner or driver and do adopt same as if repeated herein

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