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2019 IOA Awards

November 23, 2019

The 2019 Indiana Outboard Association awards banquet was held on November 9, 2019.  Congratulations to everyone on an outstanding season.   Looking forward to doing it all again next year!


J Hydro

1st          Ashten Cafarelli

2nd         Will Martin

3rd          Brayden Block


J Runabout

1st          Brayden Block

2nd        Mac Miller

3rd         Ashten Cafarelli


AX Hydro

1st          Jasmine Dircksen

2nd        Erin Pittman

3rd         Ashten Cafarelli


AX Runabout

1st           Nathan Pittman

2nd         Mac Miller

3rd          Summer Dirksen


KPRO Hydro

1st           Jasmine Dirksen

2nd         Ashten Cafarelli

3rd          Brayden Block



1st           Laura Wheeler

2nd         Britni Gibson

3rd          Erin Pittman



1st           Nathan Pittman

2nd         Summer Dirksen

3rd          Laura Wheeler


125cc Mod Hydro

1st          Kyle Roskowski

2nd         Patrick Proctor


200cc Mod Hydro

1st          Amy Sweeney

2nd         Patrick Proctor

3rd          Summer Dirksen


350cc Mod Hydro

1st          Brandon Boyd  

2nd         Braxton Miller

3rd          Daniel Koschka


350cc Mod Runabout

1st          Jerry Davids      

2nd         Braxton Miller

3rd          Brandon Boyd  


400cc Mod Hydro

1st          Braxton Miller  

2nd         Brandon Boyd

3rd          Steve Wheeler



1st          Logan Sweeney

2nd         Braxton Miller

3rd          Kyle Roskowski


500cc Mod Hydro

1st          Daniel Koschka  

2nd         Braxton Miller    

3rd          Austin Vanover


500cc Mod Runabout

1st          Logan Sweeney

2nd         Bill Weesner

3rd          Braxton Miller


C Race Hydro

1st          Devin Huff         

2nd         Justin Gibson                  

3rd          Kyle Deptula     


C Race Runabout

1st          Duke Johnson

2nd         Jack Campbell

3rd          Justin Gibson


C Service Hydro

1st          Devin Huff         

2nd         David Everhart                                                                         

3rd          Justin Gibson


C Service Runabout

1st           Jack Campbell  

2nd          Justin Gibson                                               

3rd           David Everhart


750cc Mod Hydro

1st          Brian Boyd

2nd         Mark Wheeler                                                           

3rd          Austin Vanover


750cc Mod Runabout

1st          Jerry Davids

2nd         Brian Boyd                                                                  

3rd          Josh Kimble


850cc Mod Hydro

1st          Jasen Dirksen

2nd         Brian Boyd

3rd          Jason Hay


850cc Mod Runabout

1st          Brian Boyd

2nd         Brandon Boyd

3rd          Jerry Davids


Rookie of the Year

Tim Johnson


Troll Award

Karl Dyle


Best Appearance

Bill Weesner


Pit Person of the Year

Mike Brown


Lou Witham Runabout High Point Champion

Brian Boyd

750MR, 850MR


Sallee Champion

Amy Sweeney



High Point Champion

Braxton Miller

 350MH, 350MR, 400MH, 500MH, 500MR, CSH


Tom McCain Spirit Award

Mike Brown


Woman of the Year

Tammy Dirksen


Man of the Year

Kris Proctor



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